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You can join our programme by either downloading the Loyalzoo  app, or by scanning our QR code.  You need to be over the age of 16 at the time of registration.  We do not issue cards, all points and rewards are stored on the app.

You can only earn points when you have registered on the app, and you may only register once.

Becoming a member enables you to earn points every time you purchase from our menus in the café.

On the app you will be able to see your points, any eligible rewards and update any personal information.

Points can only be earned in-store or by ordering take-aways.

You will earn 1 point for every £1 spent.

Points cannot be earned on any special events, evening events, buffets or outside catering events, or when purchasing gift vouchers.

If you do not use your app for 12 months, any points that haven’t been converted to a reward will expire.

To redeem a reward, you will be able to select which rewards you wish to use via the app.

Rewards cannot be used more than once.

Ensure that you have entered a valid date of birth and agree to receive marketing communications, and you will be sent a reward for use on your birthday or within 7 days of your birthday.

The programme does not have an expiry date, however as stated above, if the app hasn’t been used within 12 months, any points will expire.  Any rewards not claimed in 6 months will also expire.  Where possible, we will try and notify you in advance that your points and/or rewards that are about to expire.  Expired points and rewards cannot be redeemed or reinstated to the app.

You can delete the app at any time. If you cancel your membership, you can choose to re-join at anytime.  However, any previously earned points will not carry over to your new membership.

If you are in breach of any of these Terms & Conditions, if we have reasonable grounds to suspect that you are engaged in fraudulent or other criminal activities relating to us, the app or your participation in our programme, or if you supply false or misleading information to us, we may take any or all of the following actions.

Forfeit all points that have been earned by you

Suspend your right to collect points and/or redeem rewards

Terminate your membership

If you need to change any of your details, please do so through the app.

Finally, you should treat your points and rewards carefully.  If someone else accesses your membership through the app, you may lose any points and/or rewards you have earned.

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